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Superintendent's Welcome:

One of the most important enterprises in the community of Caruthers is providing educational opportunities for our children and our young men and women. As Superintendent of Caruthers Unified School District, I am honored to help lead that effort. Caruthers Unified has educational programs that start at our Family Services Center, which houses our Pre School, Caruthers Elementary School, which houses our Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade, Caruthers High School, and MARC High School, which houses our continuation school, as well as our adult education programs.

Caruthers Elementary continues to make strong academic growth and is able to provide an excellent learning environment that includes providing small class sizes.  Currently our Kindergarten to third grade classes are kept under a 20-1 teacher to student ratio and our fourth through eighth grade classes are all kept under a 25-1 ratio.  Caruthers High School, which draws in students from the neighboring K-8 districts of Alvina, Monroe, and Raisin City, offers students the opportunity to take eight classes each academic year.  This allows students to take college preparation courses and Career Technical Education classes including numerous Advanced Placement and ROP classes. CHS also hosts a Doctor’s Academy, a collaborative program with the University of California San Francisco Medical Center and the California State University, and full Ag Education program and the regions only Water Science and Engineering program.

Students in Caruthers benefit from the support they receive in a small community and are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular programs involving athletics, community service and the arts. They also are prepared to move on for future study. Over the past five years over half of Caruthers High School graduates have met their A-G requirements which makes them eligible for admission to the UC and CSU systems, and every Doctor’s Academy graduate has been admitted to a four-year college or university.

One of the key reasons Caruthers has been so successful is the quality of the staff that serves the students every day. We are blessed to have a highly qualified and committed team of educators who have chosen to commit their time and talents to this community. I am very proud of their work and of the success of our students. If you have any questions about our schools, I would invite you to call our District Office or visit our school sites.

-Orin Hirschkorn